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Satis Avocats is a multidisciplinary business law firm providing day-to-day support to businesses and their leaders and assisting them in understanding and evaluating the legal and tax issues of their decisions as well as providing them solutions aligned with their needs.

Its multidisciplinary allows Satis Avocats to assist its clients on a day-to-day basis as well as to punctual deals thanks to the common structure which is its clients’ point of reference.

Satis Avocats offers turnkey training to meet its clients' ongoing and occasional training needs.

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Satis Avocats is highly recommended in mergers and acquisitions, corporate tax (Leaders League 2023) and private equity (Leaders League 2019 ranking Law Firm in France in the category “venture capital and transactions”).
Satis Avocats has also been recognized as having a valuable practice in competition and distribution law (Leaders League 2023).
In 2020, Satis Avocats obtained a gold medal for its practice in Copyright law, two silver medals for its practice in Trademarks & Design and Consumers’ law and a bronze medal for its practice in Corporate tax law (Result from Le Palmarès du Droit 2020 – Le Monde du droit).

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Intellectual Property

  • Trademark law

    • Trademark portfolio strategy/management
    • Trademark defense actions
    • Infringement, invalidation, cancellation, and forfeiture litigations
    • Trademark contracts
  • Copyright law

    • Copyright optimization and defense actions
    • Drafting contracts
    • Managing relations with "creator" employees

New technologies/Internet/Domain names

  • Assistance in host/publisher liability

  • Litigation management

  • Domain name protection and defense strategy

  • Website legal notices

  • Platform obligations

Tax law

  • Corporate tax and restructuring

    • Advice on corporate taxation (new companies; special statuses; tax credits, creation of companies, restructuring opportunity, etc.)
    • Intra-group relations
    • VAT issues (B to B, B to C, electronic service delivery, etc.)
    • Creation of groups of companies/business restructuring/acquisition
    • Tax due diligence and audit report
  • Taxation of business leaders

    • Income related to management functions
    • Structuring of ownership interests
    • Structuring of trademark ownership (or other intellectual right)
    • Audit and wealth management advice
    • Employee stock options plans
    • Advice for teams of private equity management companies
  • Taxation of real estate transactions

    • Structuring of rental investments: subdivision of ownership rights
    • Purchase/sale of real property by residents or non-residents
    • Tax treatment of real estate leases
    • Assistance in case of investment in tax loopholes (Malraux plan, etc.)
  • Tax audits and litigation

    • Tax audit assistance for individuals and legal entities
    • Involvement in each stage of the procedure


  • Management of supplier/distributor relations (Title IV, Book IV of the French commercial code): annual negotiations and drafting contracts and amendments

  • Drafting general terms and conditions of sale/purchase/use of suppliers, distributors, and platforms (BtoB and BtoC)

  • Drafting BtoC general terms and conditions of sale/use

  • Consumers disputes (business side)

  • Advice and review of contractual elements through the lens of practices restricting competition 


  • Satis Avocats meets your customized training needs

Liberal professions

  • Tax and legal advice on the structuring of the professional practice of liberal and regulated professions (physicians, lawyers, notaries, independent wealth management advisors, etc.)

  • Tax advice on methods of compensation within the professional practice structure

  • Support in implementing professional practice rules

  • Merger of professional practice structures

  • Separation of partners/withdrawals from professional practice structures

Commercial law

  • Business transfers

    • Commercial leases
    • Contracts (intra-group services, business contribution, sales representatives, etc.)


  • Validation of advertising campaigns

  • Comparative advertising management

  • Legal validation of digital communication, TV, and radio content

  • Drafting general terms and conditions of contests

Labour Law

  • Day-to-day labor relations

    • Hotline for all day-to-day operational issues
    • Development of elements of individual status (contractual components, compensation components)
    • Support in individual and collective layoffs
    • Assistance in managing employee departures and negotiating pre-litigation situations
  • Management of litigation procedures in individual and collective disputes

  • Support in collective bargaining negotiations

    • Expertise in optimizing and securing the management of working time organization
    • Drafting and support in negotiating collective bargaining agreements: working hours, gender equality agreements, etc.
  • Staff representative bodies

    • Assistance in establishing the economic and social committee
    • Support in managing relations with employee representative bodies
  • Psychosocial risks

    • Support in preventing psychosocial risks and training HR representatives and managers on these issues
    • Support in the prevention, management, and litigation of cases of harassment and discrimination.
  • Social Security litigation : URSSAF auditing, CPAM procedures

Corporate law

  • Company activities

    • Formation of companies, SEPs, economic interest groups, and joint ventures
    • Monitoring of company activities
    • Legal department assistance
  • Fundraising and company structuring

  • Private equity

    • Partial contributions of assets
    • Capital increases/reductions
    • Issues of securities
    • Redemption by companies of their shares
  • Share ownership and governance

    • Shareholders' agreements and governance organization
    • Employee profit-sharing: bonus shares, share warrants for entrepreneurs, stock options
    • Management of conflicts between shareholders
  • Mergers and acquisitions

    • Due diligence
    • Drafting of pre-contractual documents and instruments

Our expertise at your service

Satis Avocats assists you in assessing your legal and tax issues, developing and implementing your development strategy, and addressing your organizational matters.

Thanks to our proximity, we can work with you to structure the legal and tax means necessary to practice your profession, negotiate your contracts, and manage relationships with your commercial partners, investors, and employees.

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To do this, Satis Avocats provides access to a team of responsive, experienced lawyers committed to understanding your needs and working with you to develop customized solutions.

By creating a close, lasting relationship with our clients, we can plan our actions for the long term.

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Pascale Faucon


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Odile Sulem Banoun Satis Avocats

Odile Sulem Banoun


Odile Sulem Banoun Avocat Paris

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Sylvie Valérius de Beffort Avocat Paris

Sylvie Valerius de Beffort


Sylvie Valérius de Beffort Satis Avocats

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Marie-Claude Fournet Avocat Paris

Marie-Claude Fournet


Marie-Claude Fournet Satis Avocats

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Our technologies make your everyday life easier

Satis Avocats uses technological resources for easier access to your files, organization of your audits, and electronic signing of your contracts.

In particular, Satis Avocats uses and offers its clients a secure legal project management platform offering data room, project management, electronic signature, and document archiving services. This tool facilitates collaboration between the firm's teams and the client's teams, secures documents thanks to electronic signatures, and automates tasks without added value.

Satis Avocats also uses a predictive justice tool to estimate the success rate of litigation and optimize its clients' strategy accordingly. This tool also allows Satis Avocats to quantify the financial risk associated with legal or judicial actions planned by its clients to better advise them.


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